Untitled by Adhiraj Rana

Remind me, there’s no such thing as an accidental shrine.
Blinding self-deception.
J Cole helps change this state of mind.
When oppression is overbearing and tents are everywhere though no one is camping.
Politicians making quick escapes and vacations.
Leaving meditation as my only salvation.

Keeping Bauji (grandfather) in mind.
Age doesn’t always grant wisdom,
But his experience grounds me in the moment.
Only have myself to beat.
Stopped envisioning the barriers and fled to sea.

My Sister said go with the flow.
And if my parents are Gods, she makes two of them.
Seen the world. Seen eye to eye.
Survived a curfew saying, “I only know this moment.”
And within it I’m fundamentally free.

Submitted by:
Adhiraj Rana

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