Virgins to Distruction

As we stand together looking at the world beyond our innocent minds, our hearts constrict in the change we face abruptly.

Virgins to situations we thought laughable, our lives take a drastic turn and yet we are told to sit, to isolate, to fear human touch, to keep distance.

It will always be like this it won’t always be like this; they say. As the naivety we kept secured in the depths of our pockets threatens to topple out, it is ripped through constricted barriers, thrown on the ground and stomped on by political gains and gambles.

And yet, as the law shrivels and morals corrupt, boredom sits at the pits of our stomachs and overwhelms our fears and doubts and pain and stress. As violence rages within the nests we once deemed as home, as children who once sought out the safety of school desks are now trapped within four nostalgic walls where they stand against a beating hand and a killer’s word,

Our world changes, and with it, takes us down.

Submitted by:
sahar fahimi

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